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Functional HTTP Api Description in Scala

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

fhttp, functional Http-Api definition in Scala

fhttp is a little proof of concept, whether it's possible to define a HTTP-API in a functional manner without binding directly to a framework.

From the definition it should be possible to generate Server and Client implementations without that much boilerplate.

The definition should not have any dependencies to the Server/Client library.

Current State

This is a proof of concept. Although it works, expect bugs everywhere. There are no published packages.

How it works

Each ApiCall instance is made of various transitions, stored in a full typed shapeless HList.

The Framework Implementation (at the moment only Akka HTTP) lifts this list into an Encoder / Decoder for HTTP-Requests and their response.


  • core Definition system
  • akka Implementation for Akka HTTP
  • example A simple Example


  • Support for path adding/extracting
  • Support for Circe JSON, Strings
  • Support for async file upload and download
  • Support Query Parameters.
  • Elegant transport for errors in error responses.


  • Testing
  • Better error handling
  • Better path handling
  • More HTTP Methods (right now only GET, POST and DELETE)
  • Support for optional values
  • Improved conversion routines (e.g. Boolean query parameters)
  • Get rid of VTree if possible.
  • Reduce number of Future mappings if possible.
  • Extending
  • Multi part decoding on Akka Server side buffers the request in Memory.