reactivecodes / scala-time   0.4.2

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Scala friendly wrapper for java.time and ThreeTen BP

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11 2.10


Basic Scala utilities allowing for easier use of java.time APIs.

Note: Support has now been dropped for JDK 7 and the Threeten BP backport APIs.

Supported Scala Versions:
  • 2.13
  • 2.12
  • 2.11
  • 2.10


This project is not yet considered stable, and the API is subject to change, however version 0.4.2 binaries are published to the Maven Central public repository.

sbt coordinates:
    // Requires JDK 1.8 and above
    "codes.reactive" %% "scala-time" % "0.4.2"


See the project website for links to current documentation.


import java.time._
import scalatime._  // NOTE: Package name was changed from codes.reactive.scalatime => scalatime 
                    // for versions 0.5.x and newer. If still using 0.4.x, use codes.reactive.scalatime

// Obtain a Duration instance from a Long
val duration = 10L minutes

val otherDuration = 1L minute

// Obtain a Period instance from an Int
val period = 2 weeks

// Obtains a LocalDate instance
val localDate = LocalDate.of(2014, 6, 7)

// Obtain a default TemporalQuery for precision
val query = temporal.TemporalQueries.precision

// Obtain a Duration instance from a sum of Durations
duration + otherDuration

//  Add a TemporalAmount to a Temporal
period <<+ localDate

//  Add a TemporalAmount to a Temporal
localDate + period

// Subtract a TemporalAmount from a Temporal
localDate - period

// Query a specified Temporal
val result = query |> localDate


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