reactific / slickery   0.3.4

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Some simple utilities for working with Typesafe Slick 3.X

Scala versions: 2.11

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A set of utilities for working with Typesafe Slick 3.X. It provides the following:

  • Some "Ables" traits for common data representations of database objects
  • Definition of an abstract Schema which defines fragments of table rows, queries, mapped types, etc.
  • The building blocks for DRY implementation of database schemas.
  • Other common and repeated utilities for working with Slick 3.X
  • Abstractions for keeping database-specific code out of your application.

The intent is to provide a consistent set of frequently used features that can be implemented in a variety of relational databases. This is intended for applications that need to support multiple database types without letting their differences creep into application code. The differences are managed in slickery.