pjfanning / sbt-pekko-build   0.3.3

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build tooling for Apache Pekko

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


Copies 2 features from different Pekko repos that are useful to share around our other Pekko repos.

v0.3.0 and above also contains an autoplugin that enables Scala compile inlining (Scala 2 only). This behaviour cannot be enabled on any Pekko 1.0.x module.

The default is:

ThisBuild / pekkoInlineEnabled := true

On 1.0.x branches and on main branch if we haven't forked a 1.0.x branch yet, we must set:

ThisBuild / pekkoInlineEnabled := false

When running local builds you can use sbt -Dpekko.no.inline to avoid the inlining. It is very expensive to inline (uses a lot more CPU and memory when it is enabled).


This is usable as is in v0.2.x but in v0.3.0 and above, you need to add a file to your project dir like PekkoCoreDependency.scala

  • defaults to 1.0.0 because we want to maintain compatibility with all Pekko 1 releases
  • -Dpekko.build.pekko.version=latest-release will find latest release regardless of version number (December 2023 - this evals to 1.0.2)
  • -Dpekko.build.pekko.version=main will find latest snapshot for main branch (December 2023 - this evals to 1.1.0-M0+...-SNAPSHOT)
  • -Dpekko.build.pekko.version=1.0.x will find latest snapshot for 1.0.x branch