RA3 implements queries on tabular datasets.

  • Partitioned joins and groupings.
  • Inner, left, right and full outer joins.
  • Projections and filters.
  • Selection of top K elements
  • Data import and export to and from csv.
  • RA3 supports only integer, long, double, string and instant (datetime) data types.


For user facing documentation see the scaladoc of the ra3 package.

Missing value (null) semantics

  • direct literal or column comparison with a missing value always returns false (like Double.NaN)
  • filter for missing values is possible with explicit isMissing (like sql is null)
  • joins do not join on missing values i.e.:
    • inner join does not return missing values in the join column
    • outer join returns one row for each missing value row, with nothing joined from other tables (ie all missing)
  • group by on missing treats missing as an other (single) group
  • count distinct in groups do not count missing values
  • min/max in groups do not count missing values
  • all elementwise operations, including predicates propagate missing value i.e. if either of their input is missing the result is missing, except for the isMissing oeprator
  • logic operators follow 3 values logic (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three-valued_logic#Kleene_and_Priest_logics)
  • printf etc formats missing into a non missing string
  • Missing values are encoded as one of the values of the data type. As such these values can not be used for to encode their usual non-missing semantics: Double.NaN, Long.MinValue, Int.MinValue, "\u0001".
  • ordering of missing values below or above other elements are unobservable in ra3 because there is no full table sort operation. The operation which selects the top-k elements will not return missing values.

Build and test

sbt test


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