phisgr / gatling-ext   0.2.0

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Extensions to the Gatling DSL

Scala versions: 2.12


Extensions to the powerful Gatling DSL.

This is a third party library. Please don't annoy the Gatling team with problems in this library.

This library is code-heavy, and probably goes against the philosophy of Gatling.

Call Any Java/Scala code

Let's say you are given an SDK which calls a server. You need to measure the backend performance, but you don't want to write the HTTP calls again in Gatling (or implement a whole new protocol).

With callbackAction, futureAction and blockingAction, you can measure the time taken by code that takes callbacks, returns futures, or straight up blocks threads.


My take on Gatling#3783.


Repeatedly run some actions. Allows combining the data saved in the forked virtual user.


Actions not running sequentially for a virtual user may break some Gatling code. In that case I am sorry, but nothing can be done. It is not reasonable to ask Gatling to change its code just because there exists some third party hack.