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📝 Check the licenses used in your sbt project

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


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This plugin can check and report the licenses used in your sbt project. You can use it also as part of your build chain and make the build fail if disallowed licenses are found.


sbt-license-check is published for sbt 1.3.0 and above. To start using it add the following to your plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("nl.gn0s1s" % "sbt-license-check" % "0.0.2")



Task Description Command
licenseCheck Runs license check. Logs a tree of dependencies along with the licenses found, grouped by organization. If a dependency has no license, or it cannot be found it returns no license specified. Setting useCoursier to false before running the command yields in some cases different/better results. $ sbt licenseCheck

To find out the license(s) of the current project itself, the sbt command licenses can be used.


You can configure the configuration in your build.sbt file.

Setting Description Default Value
licenseCheckFailBuildOnDisallowedLicense Sets whether disallowed licenses fail the build, if false disallowed licenses show up as warnings in the log, if true they show up as errors. false
licenseCheckDisallowedLicenses Sets the disallowed licenses, e.g. Seq("Apache 2.0"). Nil
licenseCheckExemptedDependencies Sequence of dependency names and revisions whose licenses will be allowed regardless of the licenseCheckDisallowedLicenses setting, e.g. Seq(("scala-xml_2.13", "2.0.1")) Nil

Example usage

Below the output for the scala-isbn-project is shown:

sbt:scala-isbn> set useCoursier := false
[info] Defining useCoursier
[info] The new value will be used by csrCacheDirectory, dependencyResolution and 9 others.
[info]  Run `last` for details.
[info] Reapplying settings...
[info] set current project to scala-isbn (in build ***)
sbt:scala-isbn> licenseCheck
[info] org.scala-lang
[info]   +-scala-library:2.13.8
[info]   | +-Apache-2.0 -
[info]   +-scala-compiler:2.13.8
[info]   | +-Apache-2.0 -
[info]   +-scala-reflect:2.13.8
[info]   | +-Apache-2.0 -
[info] org.scalameta
[info]   +-munit-scalacheck_2.13:0.7.29
[info]   | +-Apache-2.0 -
[info]   +-munit_2.13:0.7.29
[info]   | +-Apache-2.0 -
[info]   +-junit-interface:0.7.29
[info]   | +-Apache-2.0 -
[info] junit
[info]   +-junit:4.13.1
[info]   | +-Eclipse Public License 1.0 -
[info] org.jline
[info]   +-jline:3.21.0
[info]   | +-The BSD License -
[info] org.scala-sbt
[info]   +-test-interface:1.0
[info]   | +-BSD -
[info]   +-jna:5.9.0
[info]   | +-LGPL-2.1-or-later -
[info]   | +-Apache-2.0 -
[info] org.scalacheck
[info]   +-scalacheck_2.13:1.15.4
[info]   | +-BSD 3-clause -
[info] org.scala-lang.modules
[info]   +-scala-xml_2.13:2.0.1
[info]   | +-Apache-2.0 -
[info] org.hamcrest
[info]   +-hamcrest-core:1.3
[info]   | +-New BSD License -


The code is available under the Mozilla Public License, version 2.0.