outr / smartystreets-scala-sdk   1.0.17

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Scala SDK for SmartyStreets (https://smartystreets.com)

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11


Scala SDK for SmartyStreets (https://smartystreets.com)

SBT Configuration

libraryDependencies += "com.outr" %% "smartystreets-scala-sdk" % "1.0.6"


Create an instance of SmartyStreets:

val ss = new SmartyStreets(authId = "", authToken = "")

Note: it is usually not ideal to inline details like this into your code as it can change and for security reasons.

This project relies on Profig to allow configuration to be defined as:

  • Command-line arguments (-smartystreets.authId=abc123 -smartystreets.authToken=abc123 and loaded with Profig.merge(args))
  • Configuration JSON (stored in config.json and loaded with Profig.loadDefaults()):
     "smartystreets": {
       "authId": "abc123",
       "authToken": "abc123"
  • Environment Variables (SMARTY_STREETS_AUTH_ID=abc123 and SMARTY_STREETS_AUTH_TOKEN=abc123)

If any of those external configuration options are available simply instantiate SmartyStreets with default arguments:

val ss = new SmartyStreets()

US Address Lookup

Single address lookup is as simple as:

val validated: Future[List[StreetAddress]] = ss.streets.us(street = Some("345 Spear Street San Francisco, CA"))

US Zip Lookup

Single ZIP lookup is as simple as:

val validated: Future[List[Zip]] = ss.zip.us(zipcode = Some("84101"))


Currently, no support has been added for international validations or autocompletion.