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This should really be named authy-mc-authface.

Scala versions: 2.12 2.10
sbt plugins: 1.0 0.13

Jetty LDAP

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Scala-library to enable LDAP-Authorization for Jetty

This library provides a way to create a jetty-context which is secured via ldap-login.


libraryDependencies += "de.otto" % "jetty-ldap" % "0.1.0"


Change parameters surrounded by __ in ldap-loginModule.conf.

  • LDAP_SERVER -> e.g.: ""
  • LDAP_SERVER_PORT -> e.g.: "636"
  • BIND_DN -> e.g.: "uid=some-uid,ou=some-organization-unit,dc=your-company,dc=com"
  • BIND_USER_PW -> The password for your bind user.
  • USER_BASE_DN -> This is where your users are stored.
  • ROLE_BASE_DN -> This is where the roles are stored.

You have to run your jar with an extra parameter, which points to your ldap-loginModule.conf:

java<path-to-ldap-loginModule.conf> -jar your-application.jar


import de.otto.jetty.ldap.LdapContext

val allowedGroups = Array("allowd-group-1", "allowd-group-2")
val realm = "your-realm"
val pathSpec = "/*"

val ldapContext = LdapContext.createSecureContext(allowedGroups, realm, pathSpec)

val jetty = new org.eclipse.jetty.server.Server(8080)

Release History

  • 0.2.0
    • First release


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Initial Contributors

Frederik Mars


Copyright Otto (GmbH & Co KG)


Released under Apache License, Version 2.0