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A jdbc driver emulates redshift specific commands.

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11 2.10


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redshift-fake-driver is a JDBC driver accepting Redshift specific commands (e.g. COPY, UNLOAD), which is useful for local testing.

The driver uses AWS SDK for Java to connect to S3, so you can use mocking libraries to emulate S3. (e.g. fake-s3)

Supported Redshift Commands

  • COPY
    • JSON with jsonpaths
  • DDLs
    • just drop Redshift specific directives (e.g. DISTSTYLE, DISTKEY, ...)

Some options are currently not supported.

Contributions are welcome !


  • S3 (fake-s3 is OK)
  • aws-java-sdk-s3, aws-java-sdk-sts >= 1.10.8
  • postgresql or h2 JDBC driver
  • Java >= 1.8
  • (If you use in Scala projects) Scala 2.10.x / 2.11.x / 2.12.x


Maven Java projects

  • Add following dependency to pom.xml
  • Add other required dependencies (aws-java-sdk-s3, h2 or postgresql driver) to pom.xml.

SBT Projects

  • Add following dependency to build.sbt
"jp.ne.opt" %% "redshift-fake-driver" % "1.0.15"
  • Add other required dependencies (aws-java-sdk-s3, h2 or postgresql driver) to build.sbt.

Usage (with Postgresql)

Setup Postgresql

  • Start postgresql database to mock Redshift.

Write an application

Example in Scala


val endpoint = "http://localhost:9444/" // in production, scheme  will be "s3://"

val url = "jdbc:postgresqlredshift://localhost:5432/foo"
val prop = new Properties()
prop.setProperty("driver", "jp.ne.opt.redshiftfake.postgres.FakePostgresqlDriver")
prop.setProperty("user", "sa")

val conn = DriverManager.getConnection(url, prop)
val stmt = conn.createStatement()

val unloadSql =
  s"""unload ('select * from foo') to '${endpoint}foo/unloaded_'
      |credentials 'aws_access_key_id=AKIAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;aws_secret_access_key=YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY' 

val copySql =
  s"""copy bar from '${endpoint}foo/unloaded_manifest'
      |credentials 'aws_access_key_id=AKIAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX;aws_secret_access_key=YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY'

val copySqlWithTemporaryToken = 
s"""COPY bar FROM '${endpoint}foo/unloaded_manifest'
    |ACCESS_KEY_ID 'some_access_key_id'
    |SECRET_ACCESS_KEY 'some_secret_access_key'
    |SESSION_TOKEN 'some_session_token';""".stripMargin


Run the application.

With real S3

  • Specify region via fake.awsRegion system property.
    • ap-northeast-1 by default

With fake-s3

  • Specify s3 endpoint via fake.awsS3Endpoint system property.
    • if you started a fake-s3 server on http://localhost:9444/, specify -Dfake.awsS3Endpoint="http://localhost:9444/". (trailing slash is required)
    • you do not have to change S3 URL in your SQL (copy/unload).


Apache 2.0