Spatial Data - a scala library for spatial sensitivity analysis

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General purpose

Provide primitives, for territorial systems, to

  • generate synthetic spatial configurations possibly resembling real configurations
  • perturbate real datasets
  • compare synthetically generated configurations and real configurations

Implemented aspects for now are built environment grids (population or buildings) and road networks.


The folder library/data contains the results of the application of the library to the calibration of building configurations generators.


In the library folder, using sbt:

  • sbt assembly creates a single jar including all dependencies (configure main class in build)
  • sbt osgiBundle creates an osgi bundle that can be used as an OpenMOLE plugin


Packages :

  • grid grid data methods
  • network network data methods
  • points points methods
  • test test classes
  • utils tools

Each data type package contains the following subpackages :

  • synthetic synthetic generators
  • measures indicators
  • real real data and perturbations