ohnosequences / sbt-github-release   0.7.0

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An sbt plugin to publish releases on Github

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

Sbt Github release plugin

This is a simple sbt-plugin for creating Github releases with proper release notes and optional artifact uploading. It can be useful as a part of an automated release process.


SBT Dependency

To start using this plugin add the following to the project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("ohnosequences" % "sbt-github-release" % "<version>")

(see the latest release version on the badge above)

Note that since v0.5.0 this plugin is compiled and published only for sbt-1.x. If you need it for sbt-0.13, use v0.4.0.

Task keys

The main task is githubRelease, it creates the release and publishes the assets.

Setting keys

Key Type Short description
ghreleaseRepoOrg String Github repository organization
ghreleaseRepoName String Github repository name
ghreleaseNotes TagName => String Release notes for the given tag
ghreleaseTitle TagName => String The title of the release
ghreleaseIsPrerelease TagName => Boolean A function to determine release as a prerelease based
ghreleaseAssets Seq[File] The artifact files to upload
ghreleaseMediaTypesMap File => String A function to determine media type for the assets
ghreleaseGithubToken Option[String] OAuth credentials used to access Github API

You can find their defaults in the plugin code.

Autodetect repository organization and name

By default, this plugin will try to auto-detect settings for ghreleaseRepoOrg and ghreleaseRepoName based on git remote with name origin. If such remote not exist then plugin will fallback to sbt organization/name. If you would like to avoid auto-detect behavior you should set ghreleaseRepoOrg and ghreleaseRepoName explicitly.


You can set which files to attach to the release using the ghreleaseAssets task (of Seq[File] type). By default it refers to the packagedArtifacts task.

Note, that Github requires to set the media (MIME) type of each asset. You can customize which media types will be used through the ghreleaseMediaTypesMap setting. Github documentation refers to IANA for the list of accepted types.

By default ghreleaseMediaTypesMap is set to the default Java MimetypesFileTypeMap (with some modifications) which looks for the MIME types files in various places in your system. If you don't have any, you can download one and save it as ~/.mime.types. If you are uploading only .jar and .pom files, you don't need to do anything.

If you don't want to upload any files, just set GithubRelease.ghreleaseAssets := Seq()


This plugin requires an OAuth token with repo scope to interact with Github API. Use this link to create it in your Github profile:

By default ghreleaseGithubToken looks for the token in the following places:

  • GITHUB_TOKEN environment variable (using githubTokenFromEnv(...) shortcut),
  • ~/.github properties file (using githubTokenFromFile(...) shortcut). Expected file format is
    oauth = 623454b0sd3645bdfdes541dd1fdg34504a8cXXX

You can use either of these two shortcuts (with import ohnosequences.sbt.GithubRelease.defs._) or any other way to retrieve the token and set it explicitly.