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A small library for using unfiltered as a finagle frontend.

Scala versions: 2.10


Unfinagled is an experimental module for using unfiltered as a finagle frontend.

Finagle is oriented around the idea of services which, as it turns out, are not unlike unfiltered intents. If we treat Finagle as another server runtime, the strategy becomes the transformation of an unfiltered intent into a Finagle service.


Unfinagled is composed a few modules named similarly to those found in Unfiltered.


Unfiltered focuses on the processing of HTTP requests and abstracting away their representation; this module is the same. If you have written portable intents, ie, no extractors reach into the request's underlying member or explicitly require a specific representation, then running these within Finagle will be a matter of changing the referenced intent type, at most. This module does use unfiltered's provided unfiltered-netty module for its internal representation and processing, so if you currently use this, nothing changes.

Consider this intent:

object FooIntent {
  def intent: unfiltered.netty.cycle.Plan.Intent = {
    case GET(Path("/")) => ResponseString("Hi")
    case GET(Path("/foobar")) => ResponseString("GOT foobar!")

Unfinagled provides a function to transform such an intent into a Finagle service: UnfilteredService. It looks like this:

val ufService = UnfilteredService(FooIntent.intent)

With this in hand, we can now create a Finagle server using unfiltered intents as the request processors:

val server: Server =
Futures support

Intents that return Finagle or Scala Futures are also supported:

import com.twitter.util.Future
object TFIntent {
  def intent: com.novus.unfinagled.TwitterFuturePlan.Intent = {
    case GET(Path("/")) => Future { ResponseString("Hello from the future") }

import scala.concurrent._
object SCIntent {
  implicit val executionContext =

  def intent: com.novus.unfinagled.FuturePlan.Intent = {
    case GET(Path("/")) => Future { ResponseString("Hello from the future") }


The server module provides conveniences for building and running intents as Finagle services. If you prefer to use Finagle's ServerBuilder directly, you have no need of this module. What you get from this module is a slightly more streamlined construction process, a familiar Unfiltered feel, and an implementation of Unfiltered's RunnableServer. This is great for development within sbt as you can easily start and stop your server without killing the sbt session. Usage looks like this:

Http("myservice", 8080)


This is a module facilitating integration or black-box testing within ScalaTest. It implements Unfiltered's Hosted trait so you can write tests for Unfinagled just like you would with Unfiltered on jetty or netty. An example:

class IntentSpec extends Served with GivenWhenThen with ShouldMatchers {

  def intent = {
    case GET(Path("/foobar")) => ResponseString("baz")

  feature("Unfiltered front end") {
    scenario("GET foobar") {
      http(host / "foobar" as_str) should be("baz")

You provide the intent and you're given a server for each test.