muuki88 / make-release-notes   0.1


Generate release notes for github projects

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13

Release Note Generator - Pitchman

This projects helps you generating release notes for the awesome Github Release Notes feature.

SBT Plugin

addSbtPlugin("de.mukis" % "pitchman-release-notes-generator" % "0.1")

Thanks to autoplugins you can now just run

releaseNotes v1.0 v2.0

to generate release notes in your target folder.


  • releaseNotesLanguage by default MarkDown
  • releasenotesFilename by default
  • releaseNotesPreviousTag, set by the releaseNotes command
  • releaseNotesCurrentTag, set by the releaseNotes command
  • renderCommiters, should a commiter list be rendered. true by default
  • renderPullRequests, should a pull request list be rendered true by default
  • renderFixedIssues, should a fix issues list be rendered true by default

Furthermore you can define a few more things in the Pitchman scope.

  • target in Pitchman. Where to put the releaseNotes file. By default target in Compile
  • orgnization in Pitchman. Used as github user, or organization in github/user/repo. By default organization in Compile
  • name in Pitchman. Used as github project name in github/user/repo. By default name in Compile


  1. Update the highlights notes in
  2. run sbt -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 console, and then:
runMain pitchman.github.Generator -gh user/repo -p v1.0 -n v1.1 -l /home/user/git/repo