marialivia16 / sbt-local-aws   0.1.5

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SBT Plugin to help with running AWS dependencies locally

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


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This is an SBT plugin that, given an AWS CloudFormation file, spins up a local AWS environment running in Docker, and creates the required resources.

Watch motivation and intro to plugin here


Before running remember to configure the AWS credentials. Just run aws configure and provide some dummy values. They will be used by the localstack image.


To use the plugin, just add it to your plugins.sbt file:

resolvers += Resolver.bintrayIvyRepo("marialiviach", "sbt-plugins")
addSbtPlugin("" % "sbt-local-aws" % "0.1.0")


In your build.sbt add:

lazy val exampleWithPlugin = (project in file("example-with-plugin"))
    name := "example-with-plugin",
    localAwsCloudformationLocation := (Compile / resourceDirectory).value / "cf.yml",
    localAwsStackName := "my-test-stack"
  • localAwsCloudformationLocation = path to the cloudformation yml file. When parsing the CloudFormation yaml file, the plugin uses default values for any parameter substitution. If no default value is found an error will be returned.
  • localAwsStackName = the name of the stack that will be created.


  • localAwsStart = starts the required services in Docker using the localstack image, and creates the resources from the cloudformation file.
  • localAwsStop = stops the Docker container running localstack.


Contributions to this plugin are welcome!

For pull requests, please follow the guideline in

More support to follow.


This version of sbt-local-aws is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (see LICENSE.txt).