madoushi / sbt-sass   2.0.0

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A fork of the sbt-sass repository which seems to be abandoned.

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

SASS plugin for sbt

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A sbt-plugin that enables you to use SASS in your project.

This plugin is based on sbt-sass which is based on play-sass. Both plugins seem to be abandoned. Therefore we decided to create this project.

The initial development of this plugin was sponsored by the Wegtam GmbH.


The base of this plugin is the sass rubygem which is now deprecated. See the website for details:

As long as the gem is available this plugin will continue to work. However if it indeed ceases to exist please consider using the sbt-sassify plugin as it uses the libsass implementation as backend.


A sass compiler needs to be installed for the plugin to work. This means that the sass executable needs to be found in path. Sass can be installed by installing sass ruby gem (minimal version 3.4.0).

% gem install sass

You can verify that sass has been installed by following command:

% sass -v

Also you should install (opitonal) compass if you want to use it:

% gem install compass


The plugin is based upon the sbt-web project therefore it should be compatible with any sbt project using sbt 0.13.8 or higher and with any version of the Play Framework 2.3 or higher.


We follow the conventions of the sbt-web project regarding the directory layout. To simplify things it is recommended to just use the directory app/assets/css for sass files in projects using the Play Framework.

Files starting with an underscore (_) are not compiled into css files. They can of course be referenced from other sass files via an @import directive.


Add the madoushi sbt-plugins repository at bintray to your resolvers in build.sbt:

resolvers += "Madoushi sbt-plugins" at ""

Now you can include the plugin in project/plugins.sbt or project/sbt-sass.sbt like this:

addSbtPlugin("org.madoushi.sbt" % "sbt-sass" % "VERSION")

You should use the current stable version for VERSION.


Some options can be set for the plugin and the sass executable.


This options tells the plugin the exact location of the sass program. If it is available from PATH this option doesn't have to be set.

sassExecutable in Assets := List("/home/user/.rbenv/shims/sass")


To pass additional options to sass this setting can be used. To use compass for example use the following:

sassOptions in Assets ++= Seq("--compass", "-r", "compass")


Defines if a minified css file (named *.min.css) should be created in addition to the unminified file for each sass file not starting with an underscore (default is true).

Disabling the minified version improves compilation speed (needs about half the time then) because each version needs a separate invocation of sass. You can alternatively use sbt-css-compress for creating the minified version only when creating a package for production.

For disabling the minified version (and improving compilation speed), use the following:

sassGenerateMinifiedOutput in Assets := false


Please refer to the contributing guide.