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Scalablytyped Mill Plugin

Scala versions: 2.12 2.13
Mill plugins: 0.10

Scalablytyped Mill Plugin

Mill Plugin for Scalablytyped

Getting Started

The preferred way is to create a module in a separate build file. You need to create a file like:

import mill._, mill.scalalib._, mill.scalajslib._
import $ivy.`com.github.lolgab::mill-scalablytyped::0.0.7`
import com.github.lolgab.mill.scalablytyped._

object `scalablytyped-module` extends ScalaJSModule with ScalablyTyped {
  def scalaVersion = "3.1.3"
  def scalaJSVersion = "1.10.1"

Then you can import this module in your file:

import $file.scalablytyped
import mill._, mill.scalalib._, mill.scalajslib._

object app extends ScalaJSModule {
  def scalaVersion = "3.1.3"
  def scalaJSVersion = "1.10.1"
  def moduleDeps = Seq(scalablytyped.`scalablytyped-module`)

After that it will scan the directory for a package.json file and a node_module directory. It will run ScalablyTyped to convert the libraries in package.json and then add them to ivyDeps.

Mill version note

Make sure to use a Mill version greater than 0.10.1 otherwise the changes to the file will re-trigger the Scalablytyped converter. Also make sure that import $file.scalablytyped is one of the first imports in your, because Ammonite recompiles all the next imported classes when a imported file changes. If the scalablytyped file is imported earlier, there are less chances of doing useless recompilations with ScalablyTyped.



The base path where package.json and node_modules are. Defaults to the project root directory (the directory of


The typescript dependencies to ignore during the conversion


The React flavour used by ScalablyTyped Can be one of Flavour.Normal, Flavour.Slinky, Flavour.SlinkyNative and Flavour.ScalajsReact



Update ScalablyTyped to 1.0.0-beta40


Update ScalablyTyped to 1.0.0-beta39


Update ScalablyTyped to 1.0.0-beta38


Add support for scalablyTypedFlavour


Bump vulnerable log4j dependency


Improve error messages on failure


Add scalablyTypedBasePath and scalablyTypedIgnoredLibs configurations


First release