listnplay / squirrel   0.2.5

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Utilities for dealing with URLs in Scala

Scala versions: 2.11


Utilities for dealing with URLs in Scala, like url validation and translating country code to name and vice versa. This project consists of 4 utilities:

  • URLs - contains a set of regular expressions to recognize facebook, twitter and youtube urls
  • Slugify - generates SEO-friendly "alias" from a string using, but in addition supports pluggable uniqueness test and returns a unique alias
  • Country code converter - maps country name to two-character code and vice versa based on
  • Convert/hash id to shorter URL-friendly string

To use, include this in your sbt: "com.featurefm" %% "squirrel" % "0.1.7"

Supports Scala 2.11 only.