Scala.js Build Status #Cryptotpyrc

This ScalaJS cross compiled RSA / Crypto library.


  1. RSA Key generation / import / export
  2. RSA Signing and Verifying


Add this to your build.sbt "pl.setblack" %%% "cryptotpyrc" % "0.4"

val rsa = new UniCrypto.rsa
val generatedKeyPair = rsa.generateKeys()
           keyPairGeneration => {
             val publicKeyJwk:Future[String] =

             val privKeyPKCS8:Future[String] = keyPairGeneration.get.priv.export
val signature:Future[String] = rsa.sign(privKey, "mymessage" )
val verified:Future[Boolean] = rsa.verify(publKey, singature, "mymessage")


  1. Uses Strings in API - makes it easy - not fast
  2. Uses JVM ( and browser (SubtleCrypto) native libraries (may not work on NodeJS)
  3. Uses Future(s) in API (because of JavaScript) - crazy
  4. Same keys and signatures will work on both JVM and V8 ( You can sign on JVM and verify in browser or vice versa).
  5. It supports only RSA as for now


  1. sbt test runs only JVM part of tests
  2. Rhine/ Node just does not work (SubtleCrypto...)
  3. To test in browser run sbt appJS/test:fastOptJS and then open provided test.html. (There are still issues with scalatest async tests, though.)