lewisjkl / kafkakit   0.0.5

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The Kafka CLI you've always wanted.

Scala versions: 2.13


The Kafka CLI you've always wanted.


coursier bootstrap -r https://packages.confluent.io/maven/ com.lewisjkl:kafkakit_2.13:0.0.5 -o kafkakit


Currently, their is no way to build your configuration file through the CLI itself, so for now you just have to create a json file at ~/.kafkakit.json. The file needs to be of the format:

  "kafkaClusters" : [
      "nickname" : "local",
      "bootstrapServers" : "localhost:9092",
      "defaultKeyFormat" : "Avro",
      "defaultValueFormat" : "Avro",
      "schemaRegistryUrl" : "http://localhost:8081"
  "defaultClusterNickname" : "local"

You must specify at least one Kafka cluster in your configuration. The cluster that you provide as defaultClusterNickname will be the cluster that is automatically selected if you don't specify a different cluster when running a command. Currently supported deserialization formats are Avro and String. If you are not using Avro, you don't need to specify the schemaRegistryUrl.


Thank you to @kubukoz since I relied on his spotify-next repo when creating this project.