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SBT Plugin to draw a UML Class Diagram

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

umlclassdiagram example

UML Class Diagram for Scala

License: MIT release-badge maven-central-badge CI-CD BCH compliance Coverage Status

Inspired by xuwei-k/sbt-class-diagram

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You are required to install Graphviz to generate the SVG from the dot file.

If you do not need the generation of the SVG file, you can apply this setting:

classDiagramSettings := classDiagramSettings.value.copy(generateSvg = false)

in your build.sbt.

Enable plugin

First add

addSbtPlugin("com.leobenkel" % "umlclassdiagram" % "[VERSION]")

to project/plugin.sbt

Version: maven-central-badge

and then


to build.sbt

Which connections would you like to show?

To change which connection you would like to display, add this:

classDiagramSettings :=
      enabledConnectionTypes =

to your build.sbt.

The possibilities are:

  • Inherit
    • will connect the classes with their parent trait and classes
    • This is the default behavior.
  • Produce
    • Will connect the classes to the classes that can be returned
    • Will not find out about generic type like Seq[A] or Foo[A]
  • Consume
    • Will connect the classes to the classes that are used as arguments
  • Throw
    • Will connect the classes to the classes being thrown
  • Enclosing
    • Will connect the classes to the parent class where the class is defined is it exist.


You can read more about the key/values available for dot graph styling with this document: https://www.graphviz.org/pdf/dotguide.pdf .


To analyze a specific class:

sbt classDiagram path.to.Class

To browse entire package:

sbt classDiagram path.to.package.*

And those can be combined:

sbt classDiagram path.to.Class path.to.package.* pack.to.other.Class


To open the folder with output files and/or the SVG image

classDiagramSettings := classDiagramSettings.value.copy(openFolder = true, openSvg = true)

in your build.sbt.

To change the name of the file

classDiagramSettings := classDiagramSettings.value.copy(name = "foo")

in your build.sbt.


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