krrrr38 / play-autodoc   0.1.1

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Generate documentation from your Play application tests

Scala versions: 2.10

Autodoc for Play 2.x

Play 2.x Scala port of autodoc

only support Play 2.3.x and 2.4.x

Play version autodoc version SNAPSHOT CI
2.3.x 0.1.1 0.1.2-SNAPSHOT Build Status
2.4.x 0.2.0 0.2.1-SNAPSHOT Build Status

If you wanna use SNAPSHOT version, please Add following resolvers

resolvers += Opts.resolver.sonatypeSnapshots


Generate documentation from your Play application.

Install with sbt plugin

Maven Central

Use AutodocPlugin(sbt plugin) to use play-autodoc-core. It provides a custom configuration for generating documents.

  • Setup sbt plugin and play-autodoc configuration


addSbtPlugin("com.krrrr38" % "play-autodoc-sbt" % "version")


if you want to change setting, write followings in build.sbt / project/Build.scala...


settings = Seq(
  AutodocKeys.autodocOutputDirectory := "doc", // default "doc"
  AutodocKeys.autodocSuppressedRequestHeaders, := Seq("X-Secret-Token"), // default Nil
  AutodocKeys.autodocSuppressedResponseHeaders := Nil, // default Nil
  AutodocKeys.autodocTocForGitHub := true // default false


  • In test, add import, add AutodocCaller implicit, and write normal scenario tests like following.
    • you can use autodoc to annotate test for generating documents

implicit val caller = AutodocCaller(this.getClass)

"return user list" in new WithApplication {
  val res = autodoc("GET /api/users", "get all users")
    .route(FakeRequest(GET, "/api/users")).get
  status(res) must equalTo(OK)

"create user" in new WithApplication {
  val res = autodoc("POST /api/users", "create user")
      FakeRequest(POST, "/api/users")
        .withHeaders("X-API-Token" -> "")
        .withJsonBody(Json.obj("name" -> "yuno", "height" -> 144))
  status(res) must equalTo(CREATED)

Just add autodoc(title, description), before route.

(AutodocHelpers trait is also existed, so you can mixin into your test helper object.)

  • To generate documents, run autodoc:test or autodoc:testOnly ...

On PlayScala activated project, you can use autodoc configuration which extends Test configuration.

autodoc:test and autodoc:testOnly executes play application tests and generate document on project directory.

Disable Autodoc

If some PlayScala project aggregate other PlayScala project which you don't want to apply play-autodoc, you can prevent play-autodoc in other one to add autodocOffSettings.

See example HERE


  1. Fork (
  2. Create a feature branch
  3. Commit your changes
  4. Rebase your local changes against the target version branch
  5. Run test suite with the sbt test command and confirm that it passes
  6. Create new Pull Request

To check with example project...

  1. Change play-autodoc version in project/Build.scala
  2. publishLocal
  3. Change play-autodoc version in example/project/plugins.sbt
  4. run example project with sbt on example directory.