It is a tiny library allowing to scrap some boilerplate when working with typsafehub/config. It contains less then 10 relevant lines of code, but is still quite usefull.


"com.github.krever" %% "static-config" % "1.1.0"


static-config {
  intEntry = 1
  stringEntry = "String"
  group {
    listEntry = ["val1", "val2"]
    durationEntry = 6h
other-config = 2
import com.typesafe.config.{Config, ConfigFactory}
import staticconfig._

object SConfigExample extends SConfig {

  override def config: Config = ConfigFactory.load()

  object `static-config` extends LocalSConfigNode {
    val intEntry = configEntry(_.getInt)
    val stringEntry = configEntry(_.getString)

    object group extends LocalSConfigNode {
      val listEntry = configEntry(_.getStringList)
      val durationEntry = configEntry(_.getDuration)

  val `other-config` = configEntry(_.getInt)


It can be found here.

Why not to go further?

We could take one more step and make an sbt-plugin that will generate such code directly from application.conf. Although it might be possible, I'm not a big fan of code generation. Some arguments against it can be found here.

Other libraries

If you're fine with compiler plugin and annotations, there is great wacai/config-annotation.

Other wrappers around Typesafe Config can be found here