Prometheus metrics for Twitter Server

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Metrics exporter for twitter server, exposing prometheus metrics.

Based on the blog post and code from Footballradar


  • Integrated to the admin UI Screenshot
  • Metrics are exposed on the admin port /metrics http endpoint.
  • The service is detached from the main thread pool of the rest of the app just like the /admin/metrics.json.
  • Exported histograms include count, sum, min, max, avg and quantile data just like in Finagle


Include it in your project by adding the following to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.kovszilard" %% "twitter-server-prometheus" % "19.10.0"

Once you have the SBT dependency, you can mix in the PrometheusExporter trait to your App.

object MyApp extends TwitterServer with PrometheusExporter {
  // ...