A lightweight Scala client for the Strava API built upon ScalaJ-HTTP library and Lift JSON.

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Scrava is currently built for Scala 2.11 and 2.12. To use scrava in an sbt project, add the following to your project file:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.kiambogo" %% "scrava" % "1.3.0"

Sample Code

val client = new ScravaClient("[accessToken]")
val athlete = client.retrieveAthlete()

Note: Most functions have optional ID parameters (i.e, retrieveAthlete()). If no ID is provided, the function will operate based on the currently authenticated user. Therefore, retrieveAthlete() will return the athlete profile of the currently authenticated user (based on the access token provided), and listAthleteFriends() will return the list of friends of the currently authenticated athlete.

To retrieve perform these functions for a particular athlete/activity/etc, simply pass in the respective ID: retrieveAthlete(Some([athleteID])) or listAthleteFriends(Some([athleteID])).


The Strava API offers the ability to page through result sets when the corresponding result set to a request is very large. Scrava offers the ability to perform auto-pagination, fetching the entire result set and merging into a single List. To utilize this, simply pass in retrieveAll = true into the respective function. Note that this will use additional requests to the API, and may exhaust rate limits in some cases.

Note: The functions requiring Write permissions (updateAthlete(), createActivity(), updateActivity(), etc) are untested at this time.

If any errors or problems are found, feel free to open a pull request or issue.