katrix / sbt-spongyinfo   1.5

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Easily create Sponge plugins using SBT.

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0


sbt-spongyinfo is a sbt plugin that makes making plugins for Sponge easier and less tedious, saving you time wondering why your plugin isn't being detected correctly.

To add sbt-spongyinfo to your project, add this to your plugins.sbt

resolvers += "SpongePowered" at "https://repo-new.spongepowered.org/repository/maven-public"
addSbtPlugin("net.katsstuff" % "sbt-spongyinfo" % "2.0.0-SNAPSHOT")


  • Creates a dependency on on SpongeAPI automatically
  • Allows you to easily change the API version for a project
  • Automatically generates the mcmod.info file for you, based on information like the project id, name, version and so on.
  • Deploy your plugin to Ore from SBT
  • Cross sponge versions


To just roll with the default settings, simply enable the plugin for the project, like so enablePlugins(SpongePlugin).

To set the Sponge version, use the key named spongeApiVersion. For example, to set the Sponge to 7.1.0, use spongeApiVersion := "7.0.0". The default is currently 7.0.0.

sbt-spongyinfo will try to use information it can find about the project to generate a sensible mcmod.info or plugins.json file. Given this project here:

lazy val mymod = (project in file(".")).enablePlugins(SpongePlugin).settings(
  scalaVersion := "2.13.3",
  name := "MyPlugin",
  version := "1.0",
  description := "An example project to show of sbt-spongyinfo",
  homepage := Some(url("http://mywebsite.net"))

it will generate this mcmod.info file:

        "modid": "mymod",
        "name": "MyMod",
        "version": "1.0",
        "description": "An example project to show of sbt-spongyinfo",
        "url": "http://mywebsite.net"

To set the information used to create the mcmod.info, use the key named spongeV7.pluginInfo or spongeV8.pluginInfo. Example:

spongeV7.PluginInfo := spongeV7.PluginInfo(
  id               = "myplugin",
  name             = Some("MyPlugin"),
  version          = Some("9.9.999"),
  description      = Some("My special plugin"),
  url              = Some("mywebsite.net"),
  authors          = Seq("Katrix"),
  dependencies     = Set(
      loadOrder = spongeV7.LoadOrder.None, 
      id = "myotherplugin", 
      version = Some("1.1.0"), 
      optional = false

All fields besides id are optional.

If you don't want a mcmod.info file created for a project, for example if it is a shared project, you can easily specify this like this spongeV7.metaCreate := false. This setting defaults to true for the Sponge API version your project is currently using.

If you want to manually create a mcmod.info file, run spongeV7.metaFile.