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A Discord library for Scala using Akka

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11
Scala.js versions: 1.x 0.6


Do what you want, exactly how you want it.

AckCord is a Scala Discord library powered by sttp. AckCord's focus is on letting you choose the level of abstraction you want, without sacrificing speed. Want to work with the raw events from the gateway? Works for that. Maybe you don't want to bother with any of the underlying implementation and technicalities. Works for that too. Only interested in the REST requests? Pull in that module and ignore the rest. AckCord is fast, reactive, modular, and clean, focusing on letting you write good code.

AckCord 2.X is currently in early development, and artifacts have not yet been published.

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AckCord itself is licensed under the MIT license (see LICENSE). AckCord uses a lot of content from the official Discord API documentation (made by Discord) for its ScalaDocs, and as such, AckCord's ScalaDocs documentation is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 License (see LICENSE-SCALADOC).