kaliber-scala / play-s3   10.0.0

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S3 module for Play

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11 2.10

This repository is no longer maintained

Just create a fork, if you want I can list it here.

Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) module for Play 2.6

A minimal S3 API wrapper. Allows you to list, get, add and remove items from a bucket.

Has some extra features that help with direct upload and authenticated url generation.

Note: this version uses the new aws 4 signer, this requires you to correctly set the region

Important changes


  • Upgraded to Play 2.7


  • Upgraded to Play 2.6
  • Upgraded to Scala 2.12


  • Upgraded to Play 2.5


  • Organisation has been changed to 'net.kaliber'
  • Resolver (maven repository) has been moved
  • fromConfig and fromConfiguration methods have been renamed to fromApplication. Added fromConfiguration methods that can be used without access to an application (useful for application loaders introduced in Play 2.4)


  val appDependencies = Seq(
    "net.kaliber" %% "play-s3" % "9.0.0"

    // use the following version for play 2.5
    "net.kaliber" %% "play-s3" % "8.0.0"
    // use the following version for play 2.4
    "net.kaliber" %% "play-s3" % "7.0.2"
    // use the following version for play 2.3
    "nl.rhinofly" %% "play-s3" % "6.0.0"
    // use the following version for play 2.2
    //"nl.rhinofly" %% "play-s3" % "4.0.0"
    // use the following version for play 2.1
    //"nl.rhinofly" %% "play-s3" % "3.1.1"

    // use the following for play 2.5 and 2.4
  resolvers += "Kaliber Internal Repository" at "https://jars.kaliber.io/artifactory/libs-release-local"

  // use the following for play 2.3 and below
  resolvers += "Rhinofly Internal Repository" at "http://maven-repository.rhinofly.net:8081/artifactory/libs-release-local"


application.conf should contain the following information:


If you are hosting in a specific region that can be specified. If you are using another S3 implementation (like riakCS), you can customize the domain name and https usage with these values:

#default is us-east-1
#default is determined by the region, see: http://docs.aws.amazon.com/general/latest/gr/rande.html#s3_region
#default is true
#default is true
#required in case dots are present in the bucket name and https is enabled


Getting a S3 instance:

val s3 = S3.fromApplication(playApplication)
// or
val s3 = S3.fromConfiguration(wsClient, playConfiguration)

Getting a bucket:

val bucket = s3.getBucket("bucketName")

Adding a file:

//not that acl and headers are optional, the default value for acl is set to PUBLIC_READ.

val result = bucket + BucketFile(fileName, mimeType, byteArray, acl, headers)
val result = bucket add BucketFile(fileName, mimeType, byteArray, acl, headers)

  .map { unit =>
    Logger.info("Saved the file")
  .recover {
    case S3Exception(status, code, message, originalXml) => Logger.info("Error: " + message)

Removing a file:

val result = bucket - fileName
val result = bucket remove fileName

Retrieving a file:

val result = bucket get "fileName"

result.map {
    case BucketFile(name, contentType, content, acl, headers) => //...
val file = Await.result(result, 10 seconds)
val BucketFile(name, contentType, content, acl, headers) = file

Listing the contents of a bucket:

val result = bucket.list

result.map { items =>
  items.map {
    case BucketItem(name, isVirtual) => //...

//or using a prefix
val result = bucket list "prefix"

Retrieving a private url:

val url = bucket.url("fileName", expirationFromNowInSeconds)

Renaming a file:

val result = bucket rename("oldFileName", "newFileName", ACL)

Multipart file upload:

// Retrieve an upload ticket
val result:Future[BucketFileUploadTicket] =
  bucket initiateMultipartUpload BucketFile(fileName, mimeType)

// Upload the parts and save the tickets
val result:Future[BucketFilePartUploadTicket] =
  bucket uploadPart (uploadTicket, BucketFilePart(partNumber, content))

// Complete the upload using both the upload ticket and the part upload tickets
val result:Future[Unit] =
  bucket completeMultipartUpload (uploadTicket, partUploadTickets)

Updating the ACL of a file:

val result:Future[Unit] = bucket updateACL ("fileName", ACL)

Retrieving the ACL of a file:

val result = testBucket.getAcl("private2README.txt")

for {
 aclList <- result
 grant <- aclList
} yield
  grant match {
    case Grant(FULL_CONTROL, CanonicalUser(id, displayName)) => //...
    case Grant(READ, Group(uri)) => //...

Browser upload helpers:

val `1 minute from now` = System.currentTimeMillis + (1 * 60 * 1000)

// import condition builders
import fly.play.s3.upload.Condition._

// create a policy and set the conditions
val policy =
  testBucket.uploadPolicy(expiration = new Date(`1 minute from now`))
      key startsWith "test/",
      acl eq PUBLIC_READ,
      successActionRedirect eq expectedRedirectUrl,
      header(CONTENT_TYPE) startsWith "text/",

// import Form helper
import fly.play.s3.upload.Form

val formFieldsFromPolicy = Form(policy).fields

// convert the form fields from the policy to an actial form
  .map {
    case FormElement(name, value, true) =>
      s"""<input type="text" name="$name" value="$value" />"""
    case FormElement(name, value, false) =>
      s"""<input type="hidden" name="$name" value="$value" />"""

// make sure you add the file form field as last
val allFormFields =
  formFieldsFromPolicy.mkString("\n") +
  """<input type="text" name="file" />"""

More examples can be found in the S3Spec in the test folder. In order to run the tests you need an application.conf file in the test/conf that looks like this: