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Rad Higher-Order Components (or: React, Ad-Hoc style)

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11
Scala.js versions: 0.6


DEPRECATED: I folded this into the jjm-ui module at jjm since I was using jjm as a dependency anyway.

Rad Higher-Order Components (or, Rendering Ad-Hoc style in React!)

This is a tiny scala.js library for higher-order components that I use throughout projects that involve UIs written with React in Scala.js. The HOC style of writing interfaces I find much easier to use & reason about in comparison to the monolithic state / reducer approach advocated by Redux... I think. (I haven't actually used redux, just checked out its docs a bit.)

I might write something about the motivation and general use of these components at some point.


To include it in your project, add


to your ivyDeps in your Mill build. You will also need react and react-dom 15.6.1 loaded in JS when running React to use these components. More documentation coming if anyone requests it.