jodersky / applib   0.3.0

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Scala versions: 3.x
Scala Native versions: 0.4

A collection of libraries for configuration parsing for applications.

  • The libraries are independent from one another. They are designed to work together, but each library solves a separate problem and may be used independently (they're all hosted in one repo to make development easier).

  • All libraries are built for at least Scala on the JVM and Scala Native, since they are intended to be used for long-running services as well as short-lived CLI tools.

Clam (command-line argument parsing)

The command-line argument mapper.

Confuse (configuration parsing)

Read configuration from multiple formats, and map it to scala types. A fusion of configuration formats.

  • YAML
  • INI
  • JSON
  • HOCON (aka the typesafe/lightbend config library)
  • JVM system properties
  • env vars



Standard types of directories.