Agent Based Products Market Simulator by Scala

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In this programs, I propose a simulator in the products market. Several companies and lots of customers are created as Objects. The companies develop virtual products. In case of fitting customers' needs, they buy its products int the market. Finally, this programs output companies benefits and the numbers of customers bought products.


This programs use "sbt" and execute like this :

> sbt compile 
> run


CompanyId and Benefits and CustomerNumber are outputed.

CompanyID : 0 : 162.0 : CustomerNumber:6
CompanyID : 1 : 33310.28571428649 : CustomerNumber:2159
CompanyID : 2 : 1392.8571428571415 : CustomerNumber:65
CompanyID : 3 : 162.0 : CustomerNumber:6
CompanyID : 4 : 1646.9999999999989 : CustomerNumber:63
CompanyID : 5 : 5526.857142857161 : CustomerNumber:248
CompanyID : 6 : 47982.857142858906 : CustomerNumber:3110
CompanyID : 7 : 514.2857142857144 : CustomerNumber:20


Several improvements are planed. Mainly, I will change the market more detail and add innovation of products. Please send suggestions and report bugs to [email protected].


This activity would not have been possible without the support of my family and friends. To my family, thank you for lots of encouragement for me and inspiring me to follow my dreams. I am especially grateful to my parents, who supported me all aspects.