janjaali / azure-storage-cdn-mock   0.1.0

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Mock for CDN accessing files stored in Azure Storage.

Scala versions: 2.13


Simple service which mocks a CDN service against Azure Storage. This may be useful for development purposes where services download content from Azure Storage via a CDN (e.g. Azure CDN).

The service provides a dynamic route matcher which accepts requests in the form of http://azure-storage-cdn-mock:8080/{container-name}/{blob-path}. These requests will be forwarded to the configured Azure Storage based upon the provided container-name and blob-path.

You may start the dockerized service via:

docker run -p "8080:8080" -it ghashange/azure-storage-cdn-mock:0.1.0-SNAPSHOT

To CDN mock service can be configured with the following environment variables:





Run the main application

sbt "app/run"

Create executables

This project uses sbt-native-packager to create executables.


To create an executable script which launches the main application you can command sbt to create a staged application via:

sbt "app/stage"

This will bundle and create the executable script to launch the application in .\app\target\universal\stage. The script is executable via



To create a docker image that contains the main application, you can use the sbt command:

sbt "app/docker:publishLocal"

This will build and publish an image called "ghashange/azure-storage-cdn-mock:0.1.0". You can run the image via:

docker run -p "8080:8080" -it ghashange/azure-storage-cdn-mock:0.1.0


sbt test