ironcorelabs / ironoxide-scala   0.18.0

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IronCore Labs SDK for Scala Applications

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12

IronCore Labs IronOxide Scala SDK


SDK for using IronCore Labs from Scala server side applications. This library wraps IronOxide-Java with more Scala friendly interfaces and types. It presents two top level APIs:


This project is published to Maven central.

You'll also need to follow the library setup instructions for IronOxide-Java to ensure you have the proper binary compiled and loaded.

Below you'll find a link of the ironoxide-scala version with which native component you need:

ironoxide-scala ironoxide-java Scala Version Notes
0.18.0 0.16.0 2.13.x
0.17.0 0.15.0 2.13.x
0.16.0 0.15.0 2.12.x
0.15.0 0.14.2 2.12.x Cats Effect 3.x
0.14.0 0.14.2 2.12.x


The SDK classes can be imported from the ironoxide.v1 namespace. Other classes can be imported from the child namespaces common, document, group, user, and beta.


Further documentation is available on our docs site.

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