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Modular blockchain framework. Public domain

Scala versions: 2.11

Scorex - The modular blockchain framework

IMPORTANT: This is repository of outdated version 1 of Scorex framework that is not supported anymore. Second version of Scorex may be found at


There are two huge problems around cryptocurrencies development project Scorex aims to weaken:

  • Bitcoin Core source code contains more 100K lines of code(80K of C++ only), Nxt is more than 45K line of Java code. All parts of the design(network/transactional/consensus protocols) are mixed in a hard way. So researchers and developers are not in good start positions to make experiments.

In opposite, Scorex is less than 4K lines of Scala code. Transactional layer is as simple as that. Consensus algo could be switched easily(with two consensus algos out of the box, one could be replaced with an another with just one line of code edited!)

  • New coins are trying to make money immediately, often having just one or two pretty controversial feature. Scorex is the free and open tool aiming to make other systems development easier.


  • Compact, functional code
  • Modular design
  • Scala language
  • Two 100% Proof-of-Stake consensus algos out of the box, Nxt-like and Qora-like. One algo could be replaced with an another with just one line of code edited.
  • Additional consensus module Proof-of-Work consensus algo is available as separate module
  • Simplest transactional model
  • Asynchronous network layer on top of TCP
  • Command line client for the JSON API
  • Cryptographic primitives externalized into separate scrypto framework

Getting Started

Command-Line Client

Run ./ after launching server to issue API requests to it via command-line client. See API section below. Some examples of CLI commands:

  • GET blocks/first
  • POST payment {"amount":400, "fee":1, "sender":"2kx3DyWJpYYfLErWpRMLHwkL1ZGyKHAPNKr","recipient":"Y2BXLjiAhPUMSo8iBbDEhv81VwKnytTXsH"}

More reading

Besides of documentation there are other resources describing Scorex:


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On the Way to a Modular Cryptocurrency, Part 1: Generic Block Structure

On the Way to a Modular Cryptocurrency, Part 2: Stackable API

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Scorex-Basics Sub-Module


API Description

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Contributions are welcome! Please take a look into issues. Testing codebase is very small at the moment, so writing a test is not just good for start, but useful as well.


To the extent possible under law, the authors have dedicated all copyright and related and neighboring rights to this software to the public domain worldwide. This software is distributed without any warranty. You can find applied CC0 license legalcode in the COPYING