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Scala Native name demangler

Scala versions: 3.x 2.13 2.12
Scala Native versions: 0.4

Scala Native name demangler

sn-demangler Scala version support sn-demangler-core Scala version support

Status: sort of works.


Scala Native mangles names in the binaries according to a particular scheme:

This project parses the mangled name back into a more readable format. It is distributed as both a runnable application, and an embeddable library.


Launch the JVM version using coursier:

$ cs launch com.indoorvivants::sn-demangler:latest.release -- -s '_SM36scala.scalanative.runtime.BoxedUnit$G8instance' '_SM34scala.scalanative.runtime.package$D16throwNullPointernEO'

// scala.scalanative.runtime.BoxedUnit$.<generated> instance
// scala.scalanative.runtime.package$.throwNullPointer(): Nothing
  • -s id1 id2 id3 ... accepts any number of identifiers
  • -f <filename> - processes a file, assuming a single identifier per line
  • -i - accepts input from stdin