IJ-Plugins Toolkit

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logo IJ-Plugins Toolkit is a set of plugins for ImageJ. The plugins are grouped into:

  • 3D IO - import and export of data in 3D formats.

  • 3D Toolkit - operations on stacks interpreted as 3D images, including morphological operations.

  • Color - color space conversion, color edge detection (color and multi-band images).

  • Filters - fast median filters, coherence enhancing diffusion, and various anisotropic diffusion filters.

  • Graphics > Image Quilter - A plugin to perform texture synthesis using the image quilting algorithm of Efros and Freeman.

  • Segmentation - image segmentation through clustering, thresholding, and region growing.

See the the Wiki for mode details on the plugins.

ImageJ Plugins Installation

Automatic Installation Through Update Center

For ImageJ 2 or Fiji you can install IJ-Plugins Toolkit using the update center. See Fiji Managed Installation for more details.

Manual Installation

Plugins can be installed in ImageJ manually using binaries on the Release page. See Manual Installation for details.

Using as a Stand-alone Library

There are some examples of using IJ-Plugins Toolkit as a stand-alone library in the examples folder. You will need to add dependency on:

groupId   : net.sf.ij-plugins
artifactId: ijp-toolkit
version   : <current version>

For instance, for SBT it would be:

"net.sf.ij-plugins" %% "ijp-toolkit" % "<current version>"

Current published version is: Maven Central

Running from source

You can build and run the plugins within ImageJ using SBT task ijRun

sbt ijRun

It will build the code, setup plugins directory, and the start ImageJ. ijRun is provided by SBT plugin sbt-imagej.