This is the repository for the Personal Tax Account (PTA) frontend project.

Integrating the PTA header into your project

Example Partial URL:

//personal-account/integration/main-content-header? \
  name=John%20Smith& \
  lastLogin=1444229760085& \
  item_text=Home& \
  item_url=%2F& \
  item_text=Profile& \
  item_url=%2Fprofile& \

Add in your application.conf like this:

header-service {
  headerPartial = "%s/personal-account/integration/main-content-header"

Partial URL parameters:

Parameter Type Example Description
name string John Smith Name of the logged in user
lastLogin number 1444229760085 Time in milliseconds of last login
item_text string Home Link text for breadcrumb item (repeatable)
item_url string / Link location for breadcrumb item (repeatable)
showBetaBanner boolean true/false Should the beta banner be displayed
deskProToken string PTA Token defined by DeskPro to denote your service

To run locally

## Update service manager config.
cd $WORKSPACE/service-manager-config && git pull

## Prepare MongoDB for take-off by increasing `ulimit` … 🚀
sudo launchctl limit maxfiles 65536 200000

## Clone the repo.
git clone

## Start the services and stop the frontend.
sm --start PTA_ALL -r

## Run tests and then run the service.
cd $WORKSPACE/pertax-frontend
sbt -mem 6699 test
sbt -mem 6699 'run 9232'

## Service is now running at http://localhost:9232/personal-account/


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License