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This is a web frontend service for agent-subscription. After signing in using government-gateway, agents can go through the steps to register for Agent Services and obtain an HMRC-AS-AGENT enrolment, giving them access a range of functions available for interacting with their clients. The domain is Subscriptions to Agent Services following the ROSM (Register Once Subscribe Many) pattern.

Running the tests

sbt test it:test

Running the tests with coverage

sbt clean coverageOn test it:test coverageReport    

Running the app locally

sm --start AGENT_ONBOARDING -r
sbt run

It should then be listening on port 9437

browse http://localhost:9437/agent-subscription/start  

Alternatively use task list functionality:

browse http://localhost:9437/agent-subscription/task-list  

Continue URL

Agent Subscription journey can be integrated as part of external journey using continue url parameter:

After successful subscription user will be redirected to Agent Services Account page and presented with Continue with your journey button.


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.