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Generate sources from IDL specifications

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

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mu-scala is a purely functional library for building RPC endpoint-based services with support for RPC and HTTP/2.

[sbt-mu-srcgen] brings the ability to generate mu-scala protocols, services, and clients in your Scala program.


For installing this plugin, add the following line to your plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("io.higherkindness" % "sbt-mu-srcgen" % "0.31.1")


For any users using version 0.22.x and below, the SrcGenPlugin is enabled on every module by default. However, for everyone using version 0.23.x and beyond, you'll need to manually enable the plugin for any module for which you want to auto-generate mu-scala code, like such:


This is a breaking change between the versions, so be sure to make sure that you're choosing your modules to enable source generation intentionally if you want to upgrade this library.

The full documentation is available at the mu site.


sbt-mu-srcgen is designed and developed by 47 Degrees

Copyright (C) 2020-2023 47 Degrees https://www.47deg.com