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Sparkline BI Accelerator provides fast ad-hoc query capability over Logical Cubes. This has been folded into our SNAP Platform(http://bit.ly/2oBJSpP) an Integrated BI platform on Apache Spark.

Scala versions: 2.10

Sparkline BI Accelerator

Latest release: 0.4.0
Documentation: Overview, Quick Start Guide, User Guide, Dev. Guide
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License: Apache 2.0
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Company: Sparkline Data

The Sparkline BI Accelerator is a Spark native Business Intelligence Stack geared towards providing fast ad-hoc querying over a Logical Cube(aka Star-Schema). It simplifies how enterprises can provide an ad-hoc query layer on top of a Hadoop/Spark(Big Open Data Stack).

  • we provide the ad-hoc query capability by extending the Spark SQL layer, through SQL extensions and an extended Optimizer(both logical and Physical optimizations).
  • we use OLAP indexing vs. pre-materialization as a technique to achieve query performance. OLAP Indexing is a well-known technique that is far superior to materialized views to support ad-hoc querying. We utilize another Open-Source Apache licensed Big Data component for the OLAP Indexing capability.

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