gsk-aiops / bellman   2.1.0

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Run Sparql queries on Apache Spark Datasets.

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11

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Bellman executes SPARQL queries in Spark.

Developer documentation

There's some documentation for developers in the microsite


Algebra parser

A parser for converting SPARQL queries to Algebraic data types. These ADTs are then used to generate queries for the target system.

Spark engine

The Spark engine runs after the algebra parser, and produces Spark jobs that execute your SPARQL queries.


In order to publish a new version of the project one must create a new release in Github. The release version must be of the format v*.*.*.

Snapshots of the project are published to Sonatype snapshots on every merge to master as well.

RDF Tests

RDF tests are integrated in Bellman, in the bellman-rdf-tests submodule. One can run the tests by using the sbt bellman-rdf-tests/test command.