gilt / lib-cave-batching   1.0.3


A batching wrapper for CAVE clients.

Scala versions: 2.11 2.10

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A library that allows batching of metrics when publishing to CAVE. It requires a CAVE client, which can be downloaded from the apidoc website.

Contents and Example Usage


This trait must be extended to provide the configuration parameters for the batching client. There are two mandatory parameters, and four optional parameters.

  • organisationName, teamName: mandatory String parameters to specify which organisation and team to publish metrics for.

  • sendTimeout: optional FiniteDuration parameter, specifies the maximum duration after which a batch is emitted. Default is 30 seconds.

  • sendBatchSize: maximum number of metrics in a batch. Default is 100 metrics.

  • maxAttempts: number of attempts to send a batch of metrics. Default is 2. Set this to 1 if you do not need to retry.

  • retryTimeout: optional FiniteDuration parameter, specifies how long to wait between attempts. Default is 120 seconds.

val configuration = new CaveBatchConfiguration {
  override def organisationName = "gilt"
  override def teamName = "twain"
  override def sendTimeout = 10.seconds
  override def sendBatchSize = 1000
  override def maxAttempts = 5
  override def retryTimeout = 1.minute


Simple batching of metrics for CAVE. This class gathers raw metrics together, and sends to CAVE, as batches, in a timely fashion.

he approach in this class is to collect metrics into collections, and when full, or a timer (based on the age of the first metric in the collection) expires, that batch is sent to CAVE.

A minimal runtime impact is achieved by using a single Timer, and a single thread - the timer is used simply to schedule tasks to be executed on the thread, with the thread being used for all the work (interacting with CAVE, etc.).

Note: each instance of this class builds its own batches, and delivers to CAVE individually - multiple instances will result in multiple batches, if this is so desired.

val batchClient = new CaveBatchClient(configuration, client)


Copyright 2014 Gilt Groupe, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: