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SBT Plugin for Running Checkstyle on Java Sources

Scala versions: 2.12
sbt plugins: 1.0

sbt-checkstyle-plugin Build Status

This project provides an SBT 0.13+ and 1.x plugin for running Checkstyle over Java source files. For more information about Checkstyle, see

This plugin uses version 8.29 of Checkstyle.

This is a fork of the sbt-code-quality project found here.


Add the following lines to project/plugins.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.sandinh" % "sbt-checkstyle" % "3.2.0")

sbt-checkstyle is an AutoPlugin, so there is no need to modify the build.sbt file to enable it.

If you still use sbt 0.13.x, please use "com.etsy" % "sbt-checkstyle" % "3.1.2")


You can run Checkstyle over your Java source files with the checkstyle task. You can run Checkstyle over your Java tests with the test:checkstyle task.

The Checkstyle configuration file is ./checkstyle-config.xml by default. This can be changed by setting the value of checkstyleConfigLocation. By default test:checkstyle uses the same configuration file, but this can be changed by setting the value of checkstyleConfigLocation in Test.

The Checkstyle report is output to target/checkstyle-report.xml by default. This can be changed by setting the value of checkstyleOutputFile. test:checkstyle outputs to target/checkstyle-test-report.xml, but this can be changed by setting the value of checkstyleOutputFile in Test.

To change the checkstyle configuration file set checkstyleConfigLocation in build.sbt:

checkstyleConfigLocation := baseDirectory.value / "checkstyle-config.xml"

You can also load remote configuration files by specifying a URL:

checkstyleConfigLocation := CheckstyleConfigLocation.URL(

Or load configuration files from the classpath by specifying a resource name and an optional ClassPath:

checkstyleConfigLocation := CheckstyleConfigLocation.Classpath("com/etsy/checkstyle-config.xml").value
// or
checkstyleConfigLocation := CheckstyleConfigLocation.Classpath(
  "google_checks.xml", // google_checks.xml is in<version> jar file
  Compile / managedClasspath

To run Checkstyle automatically after compilation:

(checkstyle in Compile) := (checkstyle in Compile).triggeredBy(compile in Compile).value

To run Checkstyle automatically after test compilation:

(checkstyle in Test) := (checkstyle in Test).triggeredBy(compile in Test).value

XSLT transformations

The checkstyleXsltTransformations setting allows applying XSLT transformations to the XML report generated by Checkstyle. For instance, this could be used to generate a more readable HTML report. This setting takes values of Option[Set[XSLTSettings]], so multiple transformations can be applied.

You can set checkstyleXsltTransformations like so in build.sbt:

checkstyleXsltTransformations := {
  Some(Set(CheckstyleXSLTSettings(baseDirectory(_ / "checkstyle-noframes.xml").value, target(_ / "checkstyle-report.html").value)))

Failing the build

You can control what severity of issues should break the build by setting the checkstyleSeverityLevel in your build.sbt as follows:

checkstyleSeverityLevel := Some(CheckstyleSeverityLevel.Error)

Possible values are defined by the CheckstyleSeverityLevel enumeration. The default is None.

Integration tests

If you want to run Checkstyle on your integration tests add the following to your build.sbt:

lazy val root = (project in file("."))
  .settings(Defaults.itSettings ++ checkstyleSettings(IntegrationTest): _*)

You can then run the tasks it:checkstyle and it:checkstyle-check.

Upgrading Checkstyle version

SBT Checkstyle plugin comes with a default Checkstyle version: currently, Checkstyle 8.29 is used by default.

Provided the new Checkstyle version is compatible, you can override the version used at runtime in your build.sbt:

dependencyOverrides += "" % "checkstyle" % "8.29" % CheckstyleLibs



  • Description: The location of the generated checkstyle report.
  • Accepts: any legal file path
  • Default: Some(target.value / "checkstyle-report.xml")


  • Description: The location of the checkstyle configuration file.
  • Accepts: File, ex: baseDirectory.value / "checkstyle-config.xml" or use one of CheckstyleConfigLocation's method: URL(url: String) | Classpath(name: String, classpath: Classpath = (Compile / fullClasspath).value}
  • Default: checkstyle-config.xml file in root project


  • Description: A set of XSLT transformations to be applied to the checkstyle output (optional).
  • Accepts: Some(Set[CheckstyleXSLTSettings])
  • Default: None


  • Description: Decide how much effort to put into analysis.
  • Accepts: Some(CheckstyleSeverityLevel.{Ignore, Info, Warning, Error})
  • Default: None


Similar to maven-checkstyle-plugin's headerLocation param


Properties correspond to -p param of checkstyle cli


= taskKey[Seq[String]]("options to pass to checkstyle cli") Usage example: checkstyleRunOpts += "--debug"

checkstyle / {fork, forkOptions, trapExit, runner}

To control how to run upstream checkstyle cli

checkstyle / {includeFilter, excludeFilter, sources}

To control source files in checkstyle task

dev guide

  • clone
  • using IntelliJ
  • Set IntelliJ using scalafmt code formatter
  • sbt



  • Change organization & name from "com.etsy" % "sbt-checkstyle-plugin" to "com.sandinh" % "sbt-checkstyle"

  • sbt-checkstyle is now published to bintray as in this guide

    By publishing to bintray, Intellij now can download sbt sources of sbt-checkstyle-plugin

  • Update default version of checkstyle from 6.15 to 8.29

  • Drop support for sbt 0.13.x

  • break change: checkstyleConfigLocation is now a TaskKey[File], not SettingKey[CheckstyleConfigLocation] and CheckstyleConfigLocation.{File, URL, Classpath} now return a Setting instead of a pure value.


    checkstyleConfigLocation := CheckstyleConfigLocation.File("path")
    checkstyleConfigLocation := CheckstyleConfigLocation.URL("url")
    checkstyleConfigLocation := CheckstyleConfigLocation.Classpath("name")


    checkstyleConfigLocation := baseDirectory.value / "path"
    checkstyleConfigLocation := CheckstyleConfigLocation.URL("url").value
    checkstyleConfigLocation := CheckstyleConfigLocation.Classpath("name").value
  • Fix CheckstyleConfigLocation.Classpath (checkstyle-config-classpath sbt-test failed)

  • Add CheckstyleConfigLocation.Classpath(path/to/resource, a-classpath). For example, a-classpath can be (Compile / exportedProducts).value

  • Call sys.error instead of sys.exit when checkstyleSeverityLevel.isDefined && checkstyle found issues has severity > checkstyleSeverityLevel

  • Change the way to Upgrading Checkstyle version

  • Add autoImport.checkstyleSettings for using with other configurations such as Integration tests


    lazy val root = (project in file(".")).configs(IntegrationTest)
    checkstyleConfigLocation := baseDirectory.value / "my-checkstyle-config.xml"
    checkstyle in IntegrationTest := checkstyleTask(IntegrationTest).value
    checkstyleOutputFile in IntegrationTest := target.value / "checkstyle-integration-test-report.xml"


    lazy val root = (project in file("."))
      .settings(Defaults.itSettings ++ checkstyleSettings(IntegrationTest): _*)
    // custom checkstyleConfigLocation & checkstyleOutputFile (optional)
    checkstyleConfigLocation := baseDirectory.value / "my-checkstyle-config.xml"
    checkstyleOutputFile in IntegrationTest := target.value / "checkstyle-integration-test-report.xml"
  • Add settings:

  • checkstyleHeaderFile, checkstyleProperties, checkstyleRunOpts
  • checkstyle / {fork, forkOptions, trapExit, runner}
  • checkstyle / {includeFilter, excludeFilter, sources}