fuyumatsuri / msgpack-rpc-scala   1.3


Scala Msgpack-RPC Implementation

Scala versions: 2.11


Scala Msgpack-RPC Implementation. Adapted from tarruda/node-msgpack5rpc. See the specification for details.


Add dependency:

libraryDependencies += "xyz.aoei" %% "msgpack-rpc-scala" % "1.3"


This package exports a single class which represents a msgpack-rpc session. A Session instance can attached to any pair of write/read streams, and can send and receive requests and notifications, so it can be used for both client and servers.


import xyz.aoei.msgpack.rpc._

val session = new Session(inputStream, outputStream)

session.onRequest((method, args, resp) => {
  println("received request")
  session.request("remote-method", "arg1", "arg2").onSuccess {
    case result => println("received response")

session.onNotification((method, args) => {
  println("received notification")

Extended types can used by passing a list of ExtendedType objects to the Session constructor:

class ExType(val data: Array[Byte])

val typeId = 0
val encoder = (ex: ExType) => ex.data
val decoder = (bytes: Array[Byte]) => new ExType(bytes)
val exType = new ExtendedType(classOf[ExType], typeId, encoder, decoder)

val session = new Session(inputStream, outputStream, List(exType))

Requests by default return a Future[Any]. If you know what type the request should return you may specify it to get a Future of that type:

session.request[ExType]("remote-method") // returns Future[ExType]