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Play Scala Module for Integrating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Single Sign On

Scala versions: 2.12


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"It was a small outpost: a nexus, assimilator, and a couple of gateways." — Flight Sergeant Aaron Keebler. The stargate is an advanced protoss structure.

Stargate is a Play Scala Module that adds API endpoints to your app to enable integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Single Sign On. Redis is required to persist the session.

How to Add Stargate to Your Play Scala App

Add dependency to build.sbt.

libraryDependencies += "com.salesforce.mce" %% "stargate-redis" % "_VERSION_"

Add default Stargate configuration in application.conf. Make sure to set STARGATE_MC_SECRET_KEY and PLAY_SECRET.

include "stargate.default.conf"
# (optional) overwrite any of the Stargate configs below

Include stargate's routes in routes file. You may specify a different sub URL path other than /stargate.

->  /stargate stargate.Routes

Run Play app server.


Post Successful Login Callback

If your app needs to run arbitrary code right after successful login, you may create a subclass of McSsoController and override postLoginCallback method (see McSsoControllerSpec for example).

In routes file, above stargate.Routes, declare the login route to point to your subclass.

POST    /stargate/sso/mc/login       controllers.stargate.YourAppCustomMcSsoController.login
->      /stargate                    stargate.Routes

Development Setup

Clone repository.

$ git clone [email protected]:forcedotcom/stargate.git

Change directory.

$ cd stargate

Set up redis cluster with docker.

$ docker run  -e "IP=" -p7000:7000 -p7001:7001 -p7002:7002 --hostname redis-cluster  grokzen/redis-cluster:latest

Run Play app server in the redis module.

$ sbt ~redis/run

Visit http://localhost:9000/sso/mc/dev-login to view mock login page.

Run automated tests.

$ sbt test


Special thanks to the following authors (in alphabetical order) for their commits in the original repository before Stargate became open source.

  • Andrew Hoblitzell
  • Byju Sukumaran
  • Calvin Henry
  • Kexin Xie
  • Patrick Frampton
  • Sheng-Loong Su
  • Trent Albright