fiadliel / fs2-mongodb   0.5.0

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Simple streaming interface for FS2 queries

Scala versions: 2.12 2.11


Library offers a very basic interface to stream results from MongoDB


Add the following to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "org.lyranthe" %% "fs2-mongodb" % "0.5.0"


Add to your code:

import org.lyranthe.fs2_mongodb.imports._

Creating a client

There are two ways of creating a Resource[F, com.mongodb.async.client.MongoClient] which will be closed after use:

Mongo.fromUrl[F] This takes a string representing a MongoDB URL (e.g. mongodb://localhost).

Mongo.fromSettings[F] This takes a com.mongodb.MongoClientSettings object, and uses to set up the client (this can include connecting to multiple databases, required authentication information, etc.).

Streaming iterables

When you have a value of type com.mongodb.async.client.MongoIterable, you can turn it into a fs2.Stream[IO, Document] by calling .stream[IO]. You can supply any type (other than IO) if there is a cats.effect.Async typeclass instance available for it.

One common requirement is to change the batch size for requests. This functionality is available on the MongoIterable type, so you can chain a call like .batchSize(1000) before turning it into a stream.


import cats.effect.IO
import fs2._
import org.bson.Document
import org.lyranthe.fs2_mongodb.imports._

val allDocuments: Stream[IO, Document] =
  for {
    conn <- Stream.resource(Mongo.fromUrl[IO]("mongodb://localhost"))
    database = conn.getDatabase("test_db")
    collection = database.getCollection("test_collection")
    document <- collection.find().stream[IO]
  } yield document