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Dynamic configuration loader for Scala

Scala versions: 2.13 2.11

Dynamic configuration tools

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This repository provides tools for setting up configuration that refreshes at particular intervals. It assumes that the current configuration lives in a file on the local file system, on Amazon S3, or on a web server that speaks HTTP. It tries to refresh the configuration at regular intervals.

Assume that, for instance, you want to create a class to frozzle some widgets. This class needs access to the current model of the widget to be frozzled. To avoid hard-coding the model in your code, you decide to keep a reference to the model in a file on S3. You want to be able to update that file and have your widget frozzler automatically pick up the changes.

Let's assume that your configuration is formatted as JSON:

  "widget-model": "faculty-1292"

To load and automatically refresh the configuration from S3, create a case class that represents your configuration (e.g. FrozzlerConfiguration in the example below). Then, call DynamicConfiguration.fromS3, passing in the bucket and key at which your configuration file is located and a method for converting from the string content of your configuration to a Try[FrozzlerConfiguration].

DynamicConfiguration.fromS3 will return a DynamicConfiguration object with a currentConfiguration method. This returns an option with either the current configuration, or None if the configuration is not loaded yet.

import scala.concurrent.duration._
import scala.util.Try

import com.amazonaws.regions.Regions
import com.amazonaws.services.s3.AmazonS3ClientBuilder
import ai.faculty.configuration.{DynamicConfiguration, RefreshOptions}
import org.json4s._

final case class FrozzlerConfiguration(model: String)

class WidgetFrozzler(
    configurationS3Bucket: String,
    configurationS3Key: String
) {

  implicit val actorSystem = ActorSystem()

  private def parseConfiguration(content: String) = {
    // Parse the contents of the configuration file.
    val contentAsJson = JsonMethods.parse(content)
    val JString(model) = (contentAsJson \ "widget-model")

  val refreshOptions = RefreshOptions(
    initialDelay = 0.millis,
    updateInterval = 5.seconds

  val s3Client = AmazonS3ClientBuilder

  lazy val configurationService =
    ) { contents =>
      Try { parseConfiguration(contents) }

  def frozzleWidgets =
    configurationService.currentConfiguration match {
      case Some(configuration) =>
        val currentModel = configuration.model
        println(s"Creating widget with model $currentModel")
      case None =>
        println("Configuration not ready")

This is turned into a fully functional example in the /examples/simple directory.