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Quantum computing framework for Java and Scala developers.

Scala versions: 2.13 2.12 2.11 2.10

Scotty: Quantum Computing in Scala

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"Whatever you say, sir. Thy will be done."—Montgomery Scott

Scotty is a quantum computing framework for Scala developers. It comes with a quantum computer simulator that can be used for writing hybrid programs out-of-the-box.

Most quantum frameworks and simulators are written either in quantum-specific languages (like Q# and QISKit) or Python. Scotty is one of the first attempts at building a cross-platform quantum framework on top of the JVM.

It was built with three principles in mind:

  • Write once, run anywhere: experiment with quantum code and run it with Scotty. Export Scotty circuits (coming soon) to Quil or OpenQASM and run it on other simulators or real quantum computers.
  • Expandability: provide a high-level set of abstractions that can be expanded on different architectures.
  • No PhD required: it should be easy to get started and everything should work intuitively out-of-the-box.

Here is an example of a quantum teleportation algorithm written in Scotty to give you an idea of what a typical piece of code looks like:

def entangle(q1: Int, q2: Int) = Circuit(H(q1), CNOT(q1, q2))

val msg = Qubit(Complex(0.8), Complex(0.6), "message")
val here = Qubit.zero("here")
val there = Qubit.zero("there")

val register = QubitRegister(msg, here, there)

val circuit = entangle(1, 2)
  .combine(CNOT(0, 1), H(0))
  .combine(CNOT(1, 2), Controlled(0, Z(2)))

implicit val sim = QuantumSimulator()

  QubitProbabilityReader(register, sim.run(circuit))
    .fold(false)(_.probabilityOfOne ~= msg.probabilityOfOne))

Here we just setup a quantum circuit with a custom register of qubits, ran it in the quantum simulator, and then peeked at the superposition probability of a "there" qubit.

Getting Started

To learn more about installing and using Scotty please check out the official docs.


Contributions are super welcome! Take a look at the current issues and if you'd like to help please submit a pull request with some tests covering your implementation.


Scotty is available under the Apache 2.0 License.