en-vee / sbt-rpm   1.0.3

Scala versions: 2.10
sbt plugins: 0.13


  • SBT Plugin using the Redline RPM library to build RPMs.
  • The motivation behind this custom auto-plugin is to provide RPM creation capability from SBT using a purely Java approach i.e. without using external tools such as rpm and rpmbuild.
  • Thus, a user of this plugin can also build an RPM on a Windows/non-Linux machine, provided it meets the basic requirements below.


  • Scala version >= 2.10
  • sbt version >= 0.13.13

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Getting it

  • The current stable version is 1.0.3
  • Add the plugin to your project or global plugins.sbt file
addSbtPlugin("org.hypercomp" % "sbt-rpm" % "1.0.3")

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Plugin Mappings

Tasks (TaskKey's)

This plugin provides 2 tasks. Both are to be invoked without any additional command-line arguments

  • rpmBuild
  • rpmClean

Settings (SettingKey's)

The RPM spec needs a number of headers/parameters to be provided to build the RPM package. These are all specified using the SettingKey's of the plugin

SettingKey Type Description Mandatory/Optional (M/O) Default Value (if Optional) Comments/Examples
rpmPackageName String Name part of the package M An RPM package full name is of the format <rpmPackageName>-<rpmRelease>-<rpmVersion>-<rpmArch>.rpm
rpmPackageDescription String Description of the package O Null Any free text
rpmPackageRelease String Release number which is usually an integer O 1
rpmPackageVersion String Version such as "1.0.0" M
rpmEpoch Int Epoch O 0
rpmUser String User to assign permission for installed files/directories O
rpmPermissionGroup String User group to assign permission for installed files/directories O
rpmArch String CPU Architecture. Valid Values are : NOARCH, I386, ARM, X86_64 M
rpmOS String Operating System. Value Values : LINUX, WINDOWS, etc.
rpmLicense String
rpmPackageDependencies Seq[(packageName: String, comparisionOperator : String, packageVersion : String)] equates to the requires directive in an RPM SPEC file. This is to be specified as a sequence. At the time of writing, a comparision operator of >= is hardcoded O
rpmPackageDirectories Seq[String] List of directories to be created as part of the RPM installation O
rpmPreInstallScript String Full path to the RPM pre-installation-script O
rpmPreUninstallScript String Full path to the RPM pre-un-installation-script O
rpmPostInstallScript String Full path to the RPM post-installation-script O
rpmPostUninstallScript String Full path to the RPM post-un-installation-script O
rpmPackageFiles Map[String, String] HashMap where Keys consist of the Source of the files which are to be packaged in the RPM and the Value represent the Destination path/name of such a file
rpmPackageDirectories String

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