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RISC-V emulator writen in Scala

Scala versions: 2.12


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riscv is an emulator for the RISC-V ISA (v2.2). Specifically, RV64ID is currently being emulated (with a few missing instructions). Emulation for the compressed instruction sets (RV32C, RV64C) is being worked on. The goal is for RV64GC to be fully supported.



Use the following definition to use riscv in your Maven project:



Add the following to your build.sbt file to use riscv in your SBT project:

resolvers += "Hyperreal Repository" at "https://dl.bintray.com/edadma/maven"

libraryDependencies += "xyz.hyperreal" %% "riscv" % "0.1_snapshot_2"


There is a command-line style interface to the emulator which can be used to execute programs. The following requirements need to be met.

  • Java 8
  • SBT (Simple Build Tool) 1.1.1+

The execute the following

git clone git://github.com/edadma/riscv.git
cd riscv
sbt run

Obligatory "Hello World" Example

This example assumes that the complete RISC-V toolchain has been built and that the various commands that are provided by the toolchain are on the path.

Build the C Executable to be Emulated

To run the example, you need to have the hello.hex hexdump (executable) file that is to be loaded into emulated ROM. To that end, place the following C "hello world" program into a text file called hello.c

main() {
  for (char* p = "Hello world!\n"; *p;)
    *((char*) 0x20000) = *p++;

and place the following assembly start-up code into a text file called start.s.

.align 6
.globl _start
  lui sp, 0x10
  call main
.globl halt
  csrrwi x0, 0, 0

Now enter the command

riscv64-unknown-elf-gcc -nostdlib -nostartfiles -march=rv64g -o hello start.s hello.c

to compile the little "hello world" program and assemble the start code producing an ELF file called hello. The emulator will have the ability to load ELF files eventually, but for now it loads hexdump files. So, enter

riscv64-unknown-elf-readelf -R .text -x .rodata -x .data hello >hello.hex

to get hello.hex.

Using the Emulator as a Library

The following Scala program builds a small emulated RISC-V computer with a "hello world" program in ROM, 64k of RAM (for the stack) and a character output device memory mapped at address 0x20000.

import xyz.hyperreal.riscv._

object Example extends App {
  val cpu =
    new CPU(
      new Memory {
        def init: Unit = {
          add( new StdIOChar(0x20000) )
          add( new RAM("stack", 0, 0xFFFF) )
          addHexdump( io.Source.fromFile("hello.hex") )
      } )


It should print

Hello world!

Using the Emulator as a Library

Begin by following the Usage instructions. At the emulator command-line, enter

l hello.hex

It should print

Hello world!



  • Java 8
  • SBT 1.1.1+

Clone and Run the Tests

git clone git://github.com/edadma/riscv.git
cd riscv
sbt test


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